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Michelle Obama will visit Pawnee to guest on Parks and Recreation

Flickr CC By: White House

Paunch Burger employees are going to start shaking after they hear this news: First lady Michelle Obama is set to make a cameo on the season finale of NBC's Parks and Recreation. The "Let's Move!" advocate made the voyage to Pawnee, er, Miami, in late February. Her storyline fits more comfortably than a pair of sweatpants: It revolves around Leslie Knope's (played by Amy Poehler) promise to crack down on childhood obesity in the fictional town.

The first lady isn't Parks and Rec's first high-profile guest star: high-powered politicos like Vice President Joe Biden, former Maine Senator Olympia Snowe, and California Senator Barbara Boxer have all previously appeared on the show.

The hour-long episode airs on April 24 at 8 p.m.