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Debating the debate

Bernie Sanders threatens to skip Thursday's debate if Clinton doesn't meet his condition

Hillary Clinton might be the only Democratic presidential candidate onstage at Thursday's debate — unless, that is, she agrees to Bernie Sanders' demands for future debates. Sanders said Tuesday afternoon that the MSNBC-hosted debate remains up in the air because he's still holding out on Clinton agreeing to a debate in New York before he agrees to show up Thursday. "I would like to see us do a debate in New York City, and I am a little bit amazed that Secretary Clinton does not want to have a debate in the state she represented," Sanders said.

Clinton, however, is convinced that Thursday's debate will happen and says that she plans to participate. "We've accepted all of their conditions," Clinton said. "We did that last week, and they keep trying to add new conditions, which, you know, raises questions about how ready or willing they are to debate here in New Hampshire."

Thursday's debate is not part of the initial six debates sanctioned by the Democratic National Committee and is still in the process of being sanctioned by the DNC. The additions to the original schedule follow complaints that earlier debates were scheduled at inconvenient times for viewers.