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Late Night Tackles 2016

Jimmy Fallon gives Bernie Sanders' grumpier, saltier New Hampshire victory speech

On Wednesday's Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon put on a bald cap and wrinkled suit and tested out his Bernie Sanders impersonation. Fallon's Sanders, like the real Democratic presidential candidate, declared victory in Tuesday's New Hampshire primary, but Fallon's version was a little more "get off of my lawn!" and a tad bit saltier than the real senator. "New Hampshirites showed the world that you're good, decent people, even though you live in towns that sound like 18th century porn stars," he said. "You have spoken, and your message is loud and clear: You want a candidate who looks like a Scooby-Doo villain before his mask is removed." It would be unfair to compare Fallon's impersonation to Larry David's, but it isn't half bad. Judge for yourself below. Peter Weber