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Late Night Tackles Trump

Stephen Colbert mocks Donald Trump's odd West Virginia coal miner pandering

West Virginia votes in Democratic and Republican primaries on Tuesday, and last week in Charleston, Trump told supporters not to bother casting ballots for him, Stephen Colbert noted on Monday's Late Show. "But Trump wasn't just in West Virginia to make calls to inaction," Colbert said. "He was also there to accept the endorsement of the West Virginia Coal Association, which like all endorsements, comes with a free hat." Trump put on the mining helmet, and that's when the fun really started.

"Wow, he really looks like a miner, right down to that orange soot on his face from years in the Dorito mines," Colbert joked, mimicking Trump's odd pantomiming of a coal miner. "But Trump shows he understands the No. 1 health risk associated with coal mining: hat hair." Colbert played Trump's extended complaint about modern hair spray, replete with pre-1978 consumer information about ozone depletion. "Truly spoken like a man who inhaled aerosol for years in a poorly ventilated room," he said. But it turns out Trump knows coal miners better than Colbert — or at least the actor playing a coal miner on The Late Show. Watch below. Peter Weber