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dallas shooting

Footage shows heavy police activity at El Centro College in Dallas

Officers are exchanging gunfire with a suspect in Thursday night's sniper shootings in Dallas, which targeted law enforcement officers at the end of a peaceful protest in the city's downtown area. Dallas Police Chief David Brown said early Friday that officers were negotiating with an uncooperative suspect who was hiding in a parking garage, which was later identified as the Bank of America garage at Dallas' El Centro College.

Dallas Morning News reporter Robert Wilonsky tweeted early Friday that explosions could be heard near El Centro after Dallas police ordered bystanders to clear the area. Meanwhile, photojournalist G.J. McCarthy, also with the Dallas Morning News, shared video of what looks to be a heavy police presence at the El Centro building:

Brown said a "suspicious package" was also found near the parking garage suspect, who told police negotiators that explosives were planted all over downtown Dallas and threatened to harm more members of law enforcement.