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attack in nice

French President Hollande: 'We must do everything we can to fight against this scourge of terrorism'

During a press conference early Friday, French President Francois Hollande called the truck attack in Nice "obviously a terrorist attack," and said "several children" were among the 84 people killed.

"Nothing will shake us and will make us renounce the fight against terrorism," Hollande said. "In fact, we are going to strengthen our action in Syria and Iraq and continue to hit those who are attacking us on our own territory and will hit them in their own locations." He announced that the state of emergency France was put under after the November terrorist attacks in Paris, which was due to expire this month, will be extended for another three months, and reserve and active military personnel will be sent to areas where extra security is needed.

Hollande, who will travel to Nice later in the day, said the driver of the truck is dead and now investigators are looking into his past and searching for any accomplices. "It is clear we must do everything we can to fight against this scourge of terrorism," he said, adding, "France is deeply saddened by this new tragedy. It is horrified by what has just happened, such a monstrosity. … I can assure you we will always be stronger than the fanatics that are attacking us."