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Leaked emails reveal time Clinton quietly tried to help a 10-year-old Yemeni girl

A leaked Hillary Clinton email from 2009 has gone viral after it was shared in the wake of the renewed FBI investigation into Clinton's email server:

Some critics of Clinton have responded to the email with backlash due to the former secretary of state's support of the Saudi government, which carried out devastating bombings in Yemen and committed possible war crimes. Yet Clinton's email, sent to Melanne Verveer, who was then the ambassador-at-large for global women's issues, appears to offer a glimpse at a moment when Clinton's guard was down, as it is nestled in a batch of private emails that had never been meant to be seen by the public. Clinton's email was also apparently unprompted by anything other than Clinton reading the CNN story, as it is the first message in the chain of correspondence.

"Yes, I read the story yesterday and have been in touch with Glamour and our post. I think her family needs to be compensated in some way because they raise feeding her and transportation as expenses they can't meet in order to send her to school," Verveer apparently replied in the correspondence, which can be read in full here.

"I hope there's something we can do," Clinton wrote back. "Let's discuss soon."