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Trump vows during Carrier visit that companies 'are not going to leave the United States anymore'

During a visit Thursday to the Carrier plant in Indianapolis, President-elect Donald Trump vowed more companies will follow the heating and air-conditioning company in deciding against sending jobs overseas. "Companies are not going to leave the United States anymore without consequences. Not gonna happen," Trump said, explaining that while "we like Mexico," the U.S. needs "to have a fair shake."

Aside from imposing consequences on businesses heading overseas, Trump also said he would introduce incentives for companies to keep jobs in the country. He proposed "lowering our business tax from 35 percent hopefully down to 15 percent," along with nixing "unnecessary" regulations. "We need regulations for safety and environment and things," Trump said, but he claimed "most of the regulations are nonsense."

Trump's visit Thursday followed his announcement earlier this week that, after negotiations, Carrier had agreed to keep at least 800 of the jobs it planned to send to Mexico in the U.S. In return for keeping its jobs in the U.S., Carrier will receive $7 million in tax breaks over 10 years.

Catch a snippet of Trump's speech Thursday below. Becca Stanek