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Ted Cruz is addicted to running for president

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) was supposed to be the outsider presidential candidate in 2016, but with the help of one short epithet tied to his name by a boisterous billionaire real estate mogul, Lyin' Ted succumbed like every other Republican in the race. He isn't likely to be back anytime soon, either: "Even the senator's most bullish associates can't conjure a scenario where he'd challenge [President Donald] Trump in 2020," Politico writes.

And that eight years is a long, long time when you have an addiction to running for president:

What makes the wait so painstaking for Cruz, whose breakneck political metabolism powers an incessant quest for intellectual competition, is less his desire to occupy the Oval Office and more his euphoric addiction to running for president. It resulted in a crash after the campaign; Senate aides characterized him as grumpy and withdrawn, and friends worried he'd grown despondent without the rush of the trail. "It was the most fun I ever had in my life," Cruz tells me in a recent interview. "I jumped out of bed every day." [Politico]

In the meantime, Cruz 2.0 is playing nice (and playing basketball). Read about his transformation at Politico.