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Late Night Tackles President Trump

Jimmy Kimmel yells at Sean Spicer for suggesting 5-year-old refugees are a security threat

Jimmy Kimmel tackled the big news of the moment on Monday's Kimmel Live, noting that President Trump's executive order at least temporarily barring all refugees and visitors from seven majority-Muslim countries was rolled out chaotically over the weekend and met with protests in just about every major city. "That's when you know people are mad: It's Sunday, they have no travel plans, and they go to the airport," he said. Among those caught up in the mess was a detained 5-year-old boy whose Iranian-born mother was waiting for him at the gate. "Lucky Sean Spicer, the White House press secretary, had the unenviable job today of trying to explain how detaining a 5-year-old helps to keep the country safe," Kimmel said, playing the clip. He wasn't impressed with Spicer's defense. Watch below. Peter Weber