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One-third of Americans don't realize ObamaCare and the Affordable Care Act are the same thing

ObamaCare. Affordable Care Act. Call it what you want, Republicans still want to repeal it. But one-third of Americans haven't figured out those two names refer to the same law, a new poll from Morning Consult has found.

The poll, published Tuesday, revealed that 35 percent of Americans are unaware that ObamaCare is just another name for the Affordable Care Act. Seventeen percent of respondents thought ObamaCare and the ACA were two different laws, while another 18 percent simply weren't sure if the two names meant different things.

The survey comes as Republican lawmakers continue to discuss how they'll repeal former President Barack Obama's signature health-care law. President Donald Trump campaigned on repealing the ACA, and Republicans have tried to tear down the law since Obama signed it in 2010.

Many of those confused respondents make under $50,000 and are between the ages of 18 and 24 — groups that are most likely to be affected by an ACA repeal. What's more, 45 percent of Americans said they had no idea the law could be repealed soon, and a majority aren't even completely aware of what ending the ACA would do. Some ObamaCare opponents haven't even realized they're receiving coverage through the Affordable Care Act, and they've been mocked on late night TV and social media.