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Former Bush press secretary jabs Trump for complaining about Nordstrom

Former President George W. Bush's press secretary Ari Fleischer suggested Wednesday that tweeting about your daughter's business relationship with Nordstrom might not be the most presidential thing to do:

Fleischer was referring to President Trump's complaints Wednesday via Twitter about the department store's announcement last week that it would stop selling daughter Ivanka Trump's products "based on performance," not politics. Shortly after Nordstrom released a statement, Neiman Marcus appeared to pull Ivanka's jewelry line from its website.

The message was apparently so important that it was retweeted by the official POTUS Twitter account:

Trump didn't elaborate on what exactly Ivanka is "always pushing" him to do, though it was reported last week that she and husband Jared Kushner allegedly stepped in to stop Trump from moving forward with an executive order that would have limited workplace protections for LGBT individuals.