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Late Night Tackles President Trump

Jimmy Fallon's President Trump starts his own Trump News Network to bypass the 'fake news media'

President Trump had a big weekend, and Jimmy Fallon's caricature of the 45th president laid out the highlights on Tuesday's Tonight Show. "In case you didn't hear the news, I'll tell you now: I shot four under par, my best golf score yet," he said. "But that's not what the fake news media reported on, so it's time for me to take matters into my own, abnormally gigantic hands. The only way to ensure that the news you're watching isn't fake is if I'm the one delivering it, which is why I'm starting the Trump News Network." With a snap of his fingers, Fallon's Trump was behind the TNN anchor desk.

The first Trump news story was about the super-real attack in Sweden. (Just ask Sweden!) "Nextly, President Me just announced his pick for national security adviser, H.R. McMaster," Fallon's Trump said. "Now normally when I'm talking to H.R. it's because one of my female employees is threatening to sue, but now H.R. is going to stand for Huge Ratings." His next segment was on sports, touting a "new study" that "finds that golf is totally work." After a brief weather report from Education Secretary Betsy DeVos (Jo Firestone), Trump ditched today's fake stories for tomorrow's, hitting his "Bad Things Button." It created some bad news for Finland, if you can believe it. You can watch Fallon's borderline too-close-to-reality-for-parody TNN rollout below. Peter Weber