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President Trump hosts governors at his first big White House social event

President Trump and wife Melania Trump hosted 46 governors and their spouses at the black-tie Governors' Ball on Sunday evening, the first big social event of the Trump White House. President Trump appeared pleased with the night and his first month in office, telling the governors in his dinner toast that thanks to the first lady, the candle-lit "room, they say, has never looked better, but who knows?" He was also impressed with the turnout: "I hear this is a record number of governors, 46, and that's the highest number that has ever shown up to this evening." ("No fact-check was immediately available," The Washington Post said, perhaps a touch self-deprecatingly.)

"I can say that after four weeks — it's been a lot of fun — but we've accomplished almost everything we've started out to accomplish," Trump said, contradicting House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. "The borders are stricter, tighter. We're doing a really good job. Gen. Kelly has done a great job, militarily," he added, referring to Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly. "We're very happy with the way things are working but, again, we've made a lot of promises over the last two years and many of those promises already are kept so we're very honored by that." He suggested the big topic for Monday's meeting with the governors will be health care, and ended by raising his glass of water. Watch below. Peter Weber