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Gronks gonna Gronk

Gronk just crashed Sean Spicer's press briefing

You never know where you might run into Gronk. On Wednesday, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer was minding his own business at his daily press briefing, answering a question about whether or not President Trump will nix NAFTA, when New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski popped in through a side door.

"Need some help?" Gronk helpfully chimed in.

"Uh," Spicer said, looking stunned. "I think I got this, but thank you."

"You sure?" Gronk asked, presumably having slipped away from the rest of the Patriots, who are visiting President Trump to celebrate their Super Bowl LI win, in order to check in on Spicer.

"Uh, maybe?"

"I'll let you," Gronkowski said.

"Uh, thanks man," said Spicer — who's a huge Patriots fan — as Gronk vanished back through the door. Jeva Lange