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Amazon is releasing a camera that will tell you if your outfit is ugly

Your best friend might tell you that your expensive, faux-mud-splattered jeans are "cute," but when it's the hard truth you want, you need to turn to artificial intelligence. Amazon announced Wednesday that will be releasing the "Echo Look," a camera that will rate your outfits based on data from "machine learning algorithms with advice from fashion specialists."

A part of Amazon's "Echo" line of home assistant gadgets, Echo Look can be asked to take full-length photos of you and can record videos of you turning or walking so you can see how you look from angles that you can't catch by craning your head in the mirror. Echo Look also integrates the app Style Check that will compare two different outfits for you and let you know which is more flattering. Hey, who needs friends anyway?

The Verge adds, "The device appears to be Amazon's way of expanding its fashion retail shop, as it will store your lookbook and recommend outfits that suit your style. From a fashion and lifestyle perspective, the camera could be a way to enter the fitness realm as well — soon, the Echo Look might have an app that could take daily photos of you to compare weight loss progress, for example."

Right now, Echo Look is available by invite only for $199.99. You can request one here.