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May Day

Thousands participate in May Day marches across the U.S.

At May Day protests across the U.S. on Monday, demonstrators marched for the rights of immigrants, women, and workers, with many forgoing their day's pay in order to participate.

Tens of thousands of people made their way through downtown Los Angeles, carrying signs with messages like "No human is illegal!" More than 4,000 filled the streets of Grand Rapids, Michigan, The New York Times reports, and in Homestead, Florida, 1,000 people, including many immigrant farmworkers, marched from a park to city hall. "Trump has pitted the U.S. working class against migrant workers and refugees, and so we must strive to create bridges, not bans or walls, to connect our struggles together," said representatives of the International Migrants Alliance. May Day marches, which typically focus on laborers, were also held in major cities around the world.