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Workplace shooting leaves 6 dead in Orlando

Six people died at RV awning manufacturer Fiamma Inc. in Orlando on Monday when a "disgruntled former employee" shot five workers before turning the gun on himself, The Orange County Register reports. The shooter, a 45-year-old man, had been fired from the company in April.

The police had been called on the suspect previously when he worked at Fiamma Inc. over the alleged assault of a coworker in 2014. The battered coworker was not among the victims.

Police were summoned to the scene after a woman in the building ran to the tile store across the street to call 911 when the gunman told her she could go. Sheila McIntyre, who was in the company bathroom during the shooting, called her sister, Shelley Adams, and kept repeating "my boss is dead, my boss is dead," Adams said.

Police arrived at the building two minutes after the 911 call. Special Agent Danny Banks of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement said "seven others' lives were saved due to the quick actions of the officers who arrived on the scene today."