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A pro-Trump nonprofit is airing an ad slamming James Comey on the day he testifies before Congress

On Thursday, the day former FBI Director James Comey is slated to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee about the ongoing investigation into ties between President Trump and Russia, a pro-Trump group will air an ad attacking Comey. The ad, paid for by nonprofit issues group Great America Alliance, is titled "Showboat," a direct quote from Trump's criticism of Comey. In an interview days after he abruptly fired Comey, Trump accused Comey of being a "showboat" and a "grandstander" who he was going to fire "regardless of recommendation."

The 30-second spot goes on to accuse Comey of putting "politics over protecting America." The ad claims that though "terror attacks were on the rise," Comey was "consumed with election meddling." "James Comey: Just another D.C. insider only in it for himself," the ad ends.

Though the ad's rhetoric mirrors that of Trump and his administration, Great America Alliance head Eric Beach insisted the White House did not ask the group to make the ad. The Associated Press noted that the group, established after Trump won the election to "advocate for his administration," is not obligated to publicly name its donors.

The ad makes its digital debut Wednesday; it will air Thursday on CNN and Fox News.