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The former president of Mexico just released a spectacular reminder to Trump that his country won't pay for the wall

The colorful former president of Mexico, Vicente Fox Quesada, has made it a repeated point to tell President Trump that Mexico is absolutely, under no circumstances, paying for his border wall. And while Americans' attention has been focused on swirling rumors about Russia, Trump recently met with Republican congressional leaders to propose specifics about his "beautiful" structure (think: 40 to 50 feet high and coated in solar panels).

Anyway, Fox found it an appropriate time to reiterate Mexico's stance on the wall in plain English: "Donald, under no circumstances will we pay for this stupid, useless, racist monument," he said in addition to a more simple phrase involving a profanity and a sign.

Fox also has some thoughts about taco bowls, diet Coke, and what Trump can do with his $25 billion instead. Watch below. Jeva Lange