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White House official claims Trump didn't want to tweet his responses to Comey, was in a 'light' mood during the hearing

President Trump has live-tweeted his response to everything from Fox News segments to vice presidential debates to a hearing on Russian election meddling, but a White House official claimed that Trump just didn't have the urge to fire off responses to former FBI Director James Comey's congressional testimony Thursday. A senior White House official told Politico on Thursday that Trump had already made up his mind Wednesday night that he would refrain from tweeting during the hearing about his and Comey's conversations regarding the Russia probe.

"'Why would I?'" Trump reportedly said, when asked if he would be broadcasting his thoughts in 140-character snippets. Trump was notably also "surrounded by aides and lawyers" as he watched the hearing from the White House dining room.

The White House official also claimed Trump's mood was "light" as Comey aired his concerns about Trump for all the world to hear.