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not a good sign

This former GOP congressman voted to impeach Clinton. He thinks Trump's transgressions are worse.

House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) claims he still wouldn't be calling for impeachment even if a Democrat were in President Trump's shoes, but former GOP congressman Bob Inglis isn't buying it. In a tweet Friday morning, Inglis chided Ryan, writing, "You know this isn't true."

When CNN's Jake Tapper retweeted Inglis' post insisting that Ryan "would be inquiring into impeachment" if a Democrat's conversations with a fired FBI director were the topic of a congressional hearing, Tapper noted that Inglis was once a Republican congressman. Inglis responded, reminding Tapper what else he once was: a member of the Judiciary Committee that voted to impeach former President Bill Clinton.

Inglis argued that Trump's case was worse than Clinton's:

Inglis, who represented South Carolina from 1993 to 1999 and 2005 to 2011, tweeted to Ryan that while it's not yet "time to draft articles of impeachment," it's certainly "time to pursue the Russia investigation with vigor." Becca Stanek