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Trevor Noah astutely explains Washington: Trump is Transformers, Jeff Sessions is a Hobbit

People are suggesting that if President Trump really fires Robert Mueller, the special counsel investigating the Trump campaign and Russia, it will be "political suicide." Trevor Noah is skeptical. "Donald Trump don't die, people," he said on Tuesday's Daily Show. "Donald Trump is the Transformers movies of politics — no matter how bad it gets, it's never over, and you think you don't know anybody who supports them, but you do." Still, at this point, the Mueller firing rumors are just that: rumors. "Why waste energy on speculative crazy when there's so much actual crazy to focus on?" Noah asked, reasonably.

Noah said that House Republicans voting to repeal most of the Dodd-Frank banking law should be getting lots more coverage, for example, but he conceded that no soap opera could match "the latest installment of The D.C. Hobbit, the Senate testimony of Attorney General Jeff Sessions." Sessions, of course, was less than forthcoming in his testimony on Tuesday. "The recusal that Sessions mentioned was one of the key issues everyone wanted to know about: Did he speak to President Trump about Russia after he said he wouldn't?" Noah said. "So the question was simple, but if there's one thing we know about magical creatures, it's that if you ask them a question they don't like, they just make up rules for why they can't answer."

On Tuesday's Conan, Conan O'Brien also took a look at the Sessions testimony, and he made a reference to Casino Royale (or any number of movies about gambling). "Sessions has a nervous tick," he said, "almost like a poker tell, that comes out at times when he may be lying." You don't actually have to watch closely, thanks to Conan's creative editing. Peter Weber