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Colbert in Russia

Watch Stephen Colbert joke about Trump and Russian collusion on Russian state late-night TV

Stephen Colbert really did not want to go to Russia to learn more about what average Russians think after President Trump's election, even though he thought somebody should, he said on Monday's Late Show, but somehow he ended up there anyway. He previewed some of the field pieces he will debut this week, Russia Week, from his chat with a Russian oligarch to his talk with a Russian security expert who dislikes Russian President Vladimir Putin. "I even stayed in the Ritz Carlton presidential suite — yes, that one," Colbert said. "Very nice. I wore a Hazmat suit."

But the first glimpse of his Russia trip was from his jaunt to St. Petersburg. "When you think of Russia, you think of one thing: late-night comedy," Colbert said in his voiceover. He was setting up his appearance on Evening Urgant, Russia's one and only late-night comedy show, hosted by Ivan Urgant. The show, on Russian state TV, doesn't tackle politics too much, Urgant told Colbert. "We're more close to Fallon than to John Oliver," he explained, showing a pretty detailed knowledge of U.S. late-night TV. Still, they did discuss Trump and joke about Russian collusion during the segment Colbert showed Monday night, before playing a Fallon-like game that included vodka shots and pickles. Watch below. Peter Weber