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'he is a great dealmaker'

Corey Lewandowski fantasizes on Fox & Friends that Trump will 'close the deal today' on ObamaCare repeal

Corey Lewandowski has an inkling that today is the day President Trump will "close the deal." During an appearance Wednesday on Fox & Friends, Trump's former campaign manager claimed that Republicans are "very, very close" to sealing the deal on the plan to repeal ObamaCare without a replacement, and he insisted that Trump's lunch Wednesday with Republican senators would all but ensure the health-care repeal vote succeeds.

Lewandowski conceded that there are already Senate Republicans opposed to the repeal bill, but that didn't shake his confidence. "Look, it's been publicly reported that there are probably two Republican U.S. senators who aren't going to support the bill, Rand Paul from Kentucky and Sue Collins from Maine. Now, you don't necessarily need them if you get everybody else and you put [Vice President] Mike Pence in the chair and he breaks the tie," Lewandowski said. "I think this bill is going to get done."

Fox & Friends host Steve Doocy questioned Lewandoski on whether his confidence was rooted in a "gut feeling or a source feeling." Lewandoski said his "source is I know the president." "I know he is a great dealmaker, I know he is going to do whatever it takes to get this done," Lewandowski said.

Catch the interview below. Becca Stanek