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Breitbart is reportedly bleeding ad revenue

Advertisers have rapidly and steadily fled Breitbart News this year as the site's reputation is increasingly tied to the alt-right. So far, more than 2,500 companies have jumped ship, reports Sleeping Giants, an organization that describes its mission as stopping "racist and sexist media by stopping its ad dollars."

Sleeping Giants has spent months encouraging its supporters to take screenshots of ads next to objectionable content on Breitbart and politely tweet a complaint with the image to the company involved. While the organization did not specify how many businesses are still advertising at Breitbart, The Independent reports Amazon is currently among them — albeit indirectly, via the ad services it uses. The company may soon depart, however, as employees have petitioned chief executive Jeff Bezos to cut all such ties.

Ousted White House chief strategist Stephen Bannon is returning to this diminished Breitbart after his departure from the Trump administration. His post-firing remarks do not make clear what his approach to President Trump, his former boss, will be in this new role.