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At least 14 arrested after violence breaks out at Berkeley protest

Police in Berkeley, California, arrested at least 14 people Sunday afternoon after clashes broke out between a small group of President Trump supporters and anti-facist protesters.

The afternoon started peacefully, with thousands of protesters gathering outside the Martin Luther King Civic Center Park, calling for unity and condemning white supremacy. The Los Angeles Times reports that as the day went on, shoving matches started to break out between the Trump supporters and antifa demonstrators, and dozens of antifa members beat up a man who was at the park with Joey Gibson, the founder of the right-wing organization Patriot Prayer. The Times says they also threatened to break the cameras of people who filmed them.

Several counter-protesters were vocal about their displeasure with the antifa, including Andrew Noruk, who told the Times they were giving right-wing groups the violent reaction they wanted to capture on video. "We can't keep producing this audio-visual propaganda," he said. "It is recruiting for the right."