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Trump spent the morning tweeting about the GOP's 'death wish,' his love of the Coast Guard, and the 'Federal G'

President Trump had no shortage of thoughts to share Friday morning on Twitter.

His first topic of concern: Hurricane Irma, a storm he said was of "epic proportion, perhaps bigger than we have ever seen." Trump reassured everyone that the "Federal G" (federal government?) is prepared for Irma, which is slated to hit Florida on Saturday:

Trump also fit in a shout-out to the Coast Guard, which "we love":

He quickly moved on from the love fest to criticizing his fellow Republicans, however. Trump lamented that despite "hearing about Repeal & Replace for 7 years," it never happened, and he worried the Senate filibuster — or as he called it, "a Repub Death Wish!" — would further impede progress:

Tax reform — the next item on the president's legislative agenda — must start now, Trump warned. "Hurry!" Becca Stanek