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attention deficit

Millions of people in Puerto Rico are without power or potable water. Barely a quarter of Americans are paying close attention.

Americans are not closely following the ongoing crisis in Puerto Rico, even though millions are stranded without power or basic necessities, a recent study by HuffPost/YouGov found.

Only 27 percent of Americans report closely following the devastation of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean Islands, the study found, while Hurricane Harvey attracted the attention of 39 percent of Americans and Irma grabbed 43 percent. Americans also report knowing fewer people affected by Hurricane Maria. When Hurricane Irma hit, 44 percent of Americans polled knew someone affected by the storm, compared to only 19 percent after Hurricane Maria hit.

Puerto Rico, despite being a U.S. territory, has been left out of the American mindset compared to Florida and Texas, the poll suggests. Meanwhile, the island is nearing apocalyptic distress, local officials say, after the storm wiped out power for nearly 3.4 million people. Thousands remain in shelters as drinking water runs low.

The crisis in Puerto Rico is still receiving attention from President Trump's Twitter feed, though. He tweeted earlier this morning that FEMA was working hard and that he still plans to visit the territory next Thursday.