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Reunite with Mike and Eleven in the terrifying first trailer for Stranger Things season 2

There is trouble brewing in Hawkins, Indiana. The trailer for Stranger Things season 2 has dropped (on Friday the 13th, of course) and even with the Demogorgon destroyed, peace has clearly not returned to the quaint Midwestern town.

First of all, Will — newly returned from the Upside Down — has a vision of a spooky, spider-like apparition hanging over Hawkins that seems up to no good. The paranormal activity is perhaps linked back to the creepy experiments at the nearby lab, the extent of which was only beginning to unfold in season 1. Of course, as might be expected, Mike, Lucas, and Dustin are on the case (adorably decked out in Ghostbusters Halloween costumes, no less).

Then there is the lingering question of what is going on with Eleven.

Halloween 1984 looks like it's going to be a doozy. Watch the full trailer below, and the new chapters beginning Oct. 27 on Netflix. Jeva Lange