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Top Trump trade adviser suggests link between NAFTA and abortion, infertility, opioid abuse

Peter Navarro, one of President Trump's top White House trade advisers, has been circulating a two-page document that claims the loss of manufacturing jobs in the U.S. has led to "socioeconomic costs" like increases in abortion, divorce, spousal abuse, "drug/opioid use," mortality, and infertility, two administration officials tell The Washington Post, which obtained the documents. Navarro, like Trump, primarily blames trade deals like NAFTA for the decline in U.S. manufacturing jobs, rather than other factors, like automation.

Navarro has been sharing his charts throughout the White House, either at a staff or Cabinet level, without any evidence to back up his assertions, the Post says, adding: "His documents alarmed other White House officials, who worried that such unverified information could end up steering White House policy." You can view the charts and learn more in the video below. Peter Weber