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GOP Sen. Bob Corker shuts down Trump's Twitter rant by summoning 'the daycare staff'

Hours before they are due to sit down to talk taxes at the Republican senators' weekly lunch, President Trump and Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) are back at each other's throats. Corker on Tuesday told the Today show that "the best way for us to have success" on tax reform is if Trump would "step aside," sparking Trump to take to Twitter for retaliation:

(For a brief, fascinating history of people to actually be elected dog catcher, The Washington Post has you covered.)

Shortly thereafter, Corker revived his metaphor of the White House as an "adult daycare center."

Not everyone is amused by the president and Corker's ongoing antics. "Until Republicans are willing to do something meaningful about Trump's erratic behavior — namely, removing him from office — statements like Corker's will remain nothing but hot air," The Week's Ryan Cooper writes.