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Late Night Tackles Election 2017

Stephen Colbert explains the 'downside of narcissism' to Trump after the GOP's electoral drubbing

On Tuesday, Democrats celebrated the one-year anniversary of President Trump's election by stomping him at the ballot box, "using his archenemy, the popular vote," Stephen Colbert said on Wednesday's Late Show. He ran through some notable races, landing in Virginia and the Democrats' huge inroads in the state House of Deputies, an outcome that surprised both parties. "Both parties?" Colbert asked. "Even the Democrats didn't think the Democrats would win. 'What? No, people hate us. I demand a recount!'"

Trump had endorsed the Republican running for governor, Ed Gillespie, but immediately after his loss, "Trump threw him under the tweet bus," Colbert said. Trump was wrong, though, that Gillespie didn't embrace him. "Gillespie copied your whole playbook," he said. "He even copied the part where you lost the state of Virginia." In fact, "all of these elections were about you," Colbert told Trump, citing exit polls. "That's the problem with making everything about you, sir. It means everything, even losing, is about you. That's the downside of narcissism."

Trump was in Asia on Election Day, addressing the South Korean legislature, praising Korea's progress and his own. "That is a hard turn from Korean life expectancy to 'I won the election,'" Colbert said. "Do not have this man give the toast at your wedding." And Trump wasn't done talking about himself, touting his golf course and praising the "miracle" that's occurred in the U.S. over the past year. "It's true," Colbert said. "Ever since you were elected, all my water's turned to wine." He ended by shaking his head at Trump's secret trip to the DMZ, canceled by fog. "Watch out, Kim Jong Un!" Colbert warned. Trump "will rain down fire and fury the likes of which the world has never seen — unless it is misty." Watch below. Peter Weber