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Late Night Tackles Trump and Nukes

Stephen Colbert has some ideas on saving the world from Trump's button-size fixation

Stephen Colbert kicked off Wednesday's Late Show with the "fun fact" that "tonight we're closer to thermonuclear war than last night," thanks to President Trump's button-size feud with North Korea's Kim Jong Un. "First of all, Mr. Trump, you should be bragging about the size of your 'missile,' okay?" Colbert said, helpfully. "Traditionally, 'buttons' are kind of a lady part." Also, he noted, there is no actual nuclear button, "unless they put a phony button on Trump's desk right between the one that orders him a Diet Coke and the one he presses to hear what the cow says. 'Stupid cow, fake moos.'"

Republicans have been silent about this creep toward nuclear winter, Colbert said, but "I really do think there might be a way to calm Trump down about the size of his button. This is a message for the president. President Obama..."

If that doesn't work, The Late Show's ad for "button dysfunction" medication Viagrageddon might do the trick. Watch below. Peter Weber