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Late Night Tackles Fire and Fury

Stephen Colbert recaps Stephen Miller's furious interview with CNN's Jake Tapper, makes some improvements

The Michael Wolff exposé on the Trump White House, Fire and Fury, has apparently gotten under President Trump's skin, so the White House sent policy adviser Stephen Miller on Jake Tapper's CNN show Sunday to defend Trump and discredit the book. Stephen Colbert, for one, wasn't persuaded by Miller's Trump puffery. "Yes, he is a political genius who pioneered groundbreaking strategies like yelling and having a hat," Colbert said on Monday's Late Show.

When Miller lost his cool, Tapper treated him "like a 5-year-old," Colbert said. "Unfortunately, telling Stephen Miller to calm down doesn't work." He played part of the interview, then jumped in. "Hold on, did Jake Tapper just call Stephen Miller an obsequious factotum? Looks like somebody got a word-a-day calendar for the holidays!" Tapper finally cut Miller off, but Miller apparently wasn't done and after several polite requests to leave the set, he reportedly had to be escorted out by security. "Or as they call it in Washington," Colbert said, "the Omarosa goodbye."

Colbert also jumped in to replace Tapper in his interview with Miller, asking his own questions to Miller's answers, and it's pretty brutal. Watch below. Peter Weber