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2 Baltimore Police detectives convicted in corruption scandal

Two Baltimore Police detectives involved in a major corruption scandal were found guilty Monday of racketeering conspiracy, racketeering, and robbery.

The men, Daniel T. Hersl, 48, and Marcus R. Taylor, 31, were part of the Gun Trace Task Force. Prosecutors said the men used their authority as police officers to steal money from citizens. "Their business model was that the people that they were robbing had no recourse — who were they going to go to?" acting U.S. Attorney Stephen Schenning said after the verdict. "That's what [the officers] were counting on." Hersl and Taylor each face maximum sentences of 60 years in prison.

During the trial, four officers who had previously pleaded guilty in the case testified for the government, saying Hersl and Taylor were part of a group of officers who agreed to steal money and share it, and also covered up for each other when they received thousands of dollars in overtime pay they didn't earn, The Baltimore Sun reports. While on the stand, several witnesses spoke about wrongdoing by 12 other officers who have not been charged; federal prosecutors said the investigation is ongoing and would not comment on any further indictments. So far, prosecutors have dropped or vacated the convictions in at least 125 cases involving the officers.