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Apple is reportedly developing an unnecessarily gigantic iPhone X

What if the iPhone, but huuuuuge? That's the thinking behind Apple's rumored extra large iPhone X, which will reportedly be an unnecessarily vast 6.5 inches long, Bloomberg Technology reports. To give you an idea, that's longer than a U.S. dollar bill.

While the gigantic iPhones are not yet confirmed by the company, their rollout would represent Apple's push into the "phablet" territory now dominated by Samsung, and appeal to people who can't make up their minds between getting an iPhone and an iPad. The phone would still retain its smaller cousin's features, like Face ID scan, and possibly come in a new array of colors.

The regular-sized iPhone X devices have had unexciting sales since being rolled out in late 2017. The mammoth-sized model might be a push to appeal to businesspeople or designers, who would want the large screen for spreadsheets or images. Apple is also considering rolling out a "less expensive model" of the iPhone, for anyone who has been turned off by the X's $1,000 price tag.

Read more about the devices rumored to be in the works at Bloomberg Technology, and don't hurt yourself out there.