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Late Night Tackles Trump and Immigration

Seth Meyers laughs, screams at Trump's unmoored Easter rantings about DACA and everything else

Sunday was Easter, "the holiest day of the Christian calendar, so [President] Trump woke up bright and early and tweeted to his follower, 'Happy Easter,' and all was right with the world — for 90 minutes," Seth Meyers said on Monday's Late Night. "And then Trump started raving about 'caravans' of immigrants." Trump clearly "doesn't embrace the spirit of Easter," he added. "I bet every kid who found an egg on the White House lawn is getting a bill within the next week. 'We have had terrible egg deals for too long! Kids have been taking our eggs, they've been laughing at us!'"

Trump was no less weird, and arguably weirder, when he addressed the families at the White House Easter Egg Roll on Monday, and after going through Trump's confused filibustering about the White House building, bragging about his accomplishments on the economy, and the massive military budget — to kids, remember — Meyers just screamed, "Aaaugh, what are you talking about!?!" When Trump then went on to blame Democrats for his own cancellation of DACA — again, while talking to children — Meyers imagined a child calmly explaining everything that's wrong with Trump's ungrounded string of DACA assertions.

Meyers went on to recap some of the ethical issues embroiling Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt and the weird semantic imbroglio over whether Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin was fired or resigned. You can watch that below. Peter Weber