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Late Night Tackles Trump and Immigration

Jimmy Kimmel tries to explain why Trump is sending the National Guard to the border, using a coffee cart

On Wednesday evening, President Trump signed a nebulous proclamation to send the National Guard to the U.S.-Mexico border. "And this comes at a very interesting time, because in February, less than two months ago, he tweeted, '45 year low on illegal border crossings this year. ICE and Border Patrol agents are doing a great job for our country,'" Jimmy Kimmel noted on Wednesday's Kimmel Live. "So even though border crossings are at the lowest they've been since 1971, and everyone's doing a great job, he's sending in the National Guard. And I'm sure the members of the National Guard are thrilled that they will be now spending their weekends in Nogales, standing next to a cactus."

It isn't entirely clear why Trump is doing this, Kimmel said, but "to try to make some sense of it, it's time for a special 'illegal immigration' edition of Barista Theatre." The skit didn't entirely make sense — that's probably the point — and it ended with a cameo by Guillermo. Watch below. Peter Weber