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Stephen Colbert grants Scott Pruitt's wish for an EPA 'Pruitt coin'

"It's an exhausting time to be alive," Stephen Colbert sighed on Thursday's Late Show. "Between talking about [President] Trump, drinking, curling up in the bathtub, and being asked to leave Home Depot, I barely have time to talk about one of Trump's most corrupt underlings," Scott Pruitt. He ran through some of the scandals besetting the EPA chief, ending with a former coworker who said Pruitt "wanted to be treated like he was the president." "Well, now he's under investigation, so congratulations, Scott, you made it!" Colbert said.

And Pruitt's sweetheart rent deal, which he was forced out from after reportedly being a terrible tenant, "is like the plot to a sitcom," Colbert said, previewing a not-yet-real Kevin James roommate-from-hell vehicle, This Is How We Pruitt. But there's more, he added, pointing to the report that Pruitt wanted to overhaul the EPA "challenge coin" to reflect himself and get rid of the EPA logo, which he apparently thought looked like a marijuana leaf. "The only way you could think that was a marijuana leaf is if you were already high," Colbert said. But "if he really wants a 'Pruitt coin,' we're here to help him out." And the one he unveiled was, well, personalized. Watch below. Peter Weber