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Watch Meghan McCain go head to head with Comey over saying 'very incendiary things about my party'

The View's Meghan McCain has made no secret of her discontent with former FBI Director James Comey and his new tell-all book about his stint in the Trump administration, A Higher Loyalty. On Wednesday, she had an opportunity to speak her mind to him face-to-face, telling Comey: "I want to believe you're not a political person, you're the head of the FBI, but you write in your book about how you went to [former President Barack] Obama and you were on the verge of tears, saying you were going to miss him, you also said you were dreading the next four years with Trump." She added: "You said very incendiary things about my party this morning: It doesn't reflect all values, it's transactional, it's ego-driven, it's in service to his ego."

McCain went on to explain that "I'm a Republican who has many issues with Trump" but that "the big issue I have is, I don't want to know your politics, and a lot of the things you're saying and doing are highly political."

Comey pushed back on McCain's assertion: "I don't think of it as my politics, I think of it as my values," he attempted to clarify.

McCain wasn't letting her point go, though. "You have to understand how this looks to Republicans," she said, adding at one point: "You sound like a political commentator to me, more than an old director." Watch their tense exchange below. Jeva Lange