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Pittsburgh police officer accused of shooting Antwon Rose faces homicide charges

One week after an East Pittsburgh police officer shot and killed an unarmed black teen, he turned himself in to authorities on homicide charges.

Officer Michael Rosfeld was booked into the Allegheny County Jail on Wednesday morning and will face criminal charges over the death of Antwon Rose Jr., The New York Times reports.

Rosfeld allegedly shot 17-year-old Rose Jr. after a traffic stop on June 19 when Rose Jr. fled the car and ran away from the officers. The officer was released after posting a $250,000 bail. CNN notes that the severity of the charges are unclear, as court records didn't show whether he was charged with murder, voluntary manslaughter, or involuntary manslaughter.

The incident, documented by a video posted on Facebook, sparked major protests in Pittsburgh, with hundreds of people marching for several days following the shooting. The next hearing for Rosfeld, who was sworn into the police force just hours before the shooting, is scheduled for July 6. Read more at The New York Times.