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Trade Wars

Trump's tariffs are already prompting price hikes on canned soda, beer, RVs

President Trump is still pretty pleased with his expanding trade war, but many Republicans in Congress and prominent GOP donors and advocacy groups are not. And Trump's first salvo, tariffs on imported aluminum and steel imposed in June, might start irking American shoppers soon, too. "Consumers are starting to see higher prices for recreational vehicles, soda, beer, and other goods that now cost more to make as a result of recent tariffs on metals and parts," The Wall Street Journal reports. In recent days, Coke, Polaris Industries, Winnebago, and Sam Adams' Boston Beer Co. have all cited Trump's tariffs for coming price hikes.

Minnesota-based Polaris is also shifting some production for its Indian-brand motorcycles to Europe to get around retaliatory EU tariffs, joining its Wisconsin neighbors Harley-Davidson. If you don't buy canned beverages or plan to purchase an RV or motorcycle, you may not feel this round of tariffs, but barring quick resolution to Trump's trade fights, more broader hikes seem imminent. "Tariffs on a host of additional imported products from China this month have added costs for companies that use those components to assemble their products in the U.S.," the Journal reports. You can read more about the impact on consumers at The Wall Street Journal.