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Thanks but no thanks

Farmers want restored trade, not Trump's aid money, says American Farm Bureau leader

If President Trump wants to "make our farmers great again," he should consider something other than a hat and a wad of cash.

The American Farm Bureau Federation told The Hill on Tuesday that farmers would much rather see trade relations normalized and the tit-for-tat agricultural tariffs ended, than receive heaps of government aid. The Trump administration last week announced a package of $12 billion in emergency aid for farmers affected by Trump's combative trade policies, but the move has been criticized by farmers and Republican leaders alike.

Farm Bureau Deputy Executive Director Dale Moore said farmers were being unfairly punished. "Farmers did not create this situation," he said, saying the aid package didn't constitute a bailout. "Our members are telling us straight up that 'we would much rather have the trade restored, have the markets back in place,' but we don't have that option," he said.

Moore blamed China for "targeting agriculture over a fight that China and the United States are having on other issues," and said fixing the relationship would be much better in the long run than $12 billion up front. Read more at The Hill.