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CNN is puzzled, amused by Trump's confusing fixation with Game of Thrones memes

At a televised Cabinet meeting on Wednesday, President Trump had a printed poster of a Game of Thrones meme he posted in November sitting on the table in front of him, unacknowledged.

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It was odd, and Fox & Friends didn't get an explanation from White House counselor Kellyanne Conway when they pressed her about the fake Game of Thrones poster Thursday morning, as CNN's Anderson Cooper noted Thursday night. Then, "today something showed up on the president's Instagram: The same knockoff with a new slogan, 'The Wall is Coming,'" Cooper said. "So, is this the poster that should have been on the table yesterday, and some intern or the acting chief of staff printed the wrong one? And if it was the right one, is Trump one of the White Walkers, or is he one of the knight's watch guarding the wall that hasn't been built?"

Cooper's Game of Thrones references aren't all that important, in case you don't watch the show, but CNN's Don Lemon later pointed to one relevant data point about Trump's new meme: "The wall didn't work in Game of Thrones. Shouldn't he know that?"

There was much laughing, and GOP strategist and Trump critic Rick Wilson predicted that Trump's ever-shifting demands for a border wall, once to be paid for by Mexico, are "going to end with being The Freedom Ditch."