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2020 Democratic debates

Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers mock Biden for repeatedly cutting himself off mid-sentence at the debate

The former Vice President Joe Biden pile-on continued after Wednesday's Democratic debate into the late-night shows, which brutally roasted him for his tendency to repeatedly cut himself off in the middle of a sentence.

Biden numerous times during the night ran out of time but rather than attempting to briefly wrap up his thought would either immediately stop himself right there or trail off before he could reach a natural conclusion. This was seized upon by Stephen Colbert, who during his live Late Show monologue played a clip of the former vice president ending a discussion about his health-care plan with an anticlimactic "anyway..."

"I don't know what just happened," Colbert joked. "Biden just joined the ranks of history's greatest orators, for who could forget Lincoln's great speech, 'Four score and, eh, you get the idea.'"

Meyers similarly played a whole montage of Biden immediately ending his sentences at the precise moment he was told he was out of time.

"He gave up so easily!" Meyers joked. "It's like when your grandpa tries to speak up at the dinner table and no one hears him."

Meyers continued by asking Biden how he's going to "fight for America when you can't even fight through the timer," reminding him that he's "going to have to talk over" President Trump if they end up debating in the general election. "His mouth never stops moving!" Meyers noted of Trump.

Colbert and Meyers also both ridiculed Biden for his "young and hip" use of terms like "malarkey" and for his odd moment of mixing up plugs by telling viewers to go to "Joe 30330," with Colbert acting out a confused Biden and Meyers worrying, "Did you just accidentally tell everyone your ATM pin number?" Brendan Morrow