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Hillary Clinton eulogizes Elijah Cummings with Biblical analogy to 'prophet' who 'stood against corrupt leadership'

Hillary Clinton thinks Elijah Cummings has a lot in common with his Biblical namesake.

A funeral for Cummings, the Maryland Democratic congressmember who died last week, was held Friday in his Baltimore hometown and featured a docket of high-profile eulogists. That included Clinton, who got roaring applause for her comparison of Cummings to "that Old Testament prophet" who shares his name.

In her Friday eulogy, Clinton described how Cummings "weathered storms and earthquakes but never lost his faith." Then, in what seemed like an analogy for Cummings' leadership in the impeachment inquiry into President Trump, Clinton compared Cummings to the prophet Elijah who "stood against corrupt leadership of King Ahab and Queen Jezebel." That earned Clinton a long round of applause before she went on to describe how Cummings "raised the next generation of leaders" and "even worked a few miracles."

Cummings died at 68 last week after longstanding health issues. He lay in state Thursday in the Capitol, making him the first black lawmaker to have that honor.