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try not to laugh

Kanye West awkwardly asks crowd 'what y'all laughing at' while describing plans to run for president

"Please don't laugh" may be the "please clap" of Kanye West's supposed presidential campaign.

West while speaking at Fast Company's Innovation Festival Thursday once again casually mentioned his plans to run for president in 2024, which he insists is a real thing that's going to happen. But this time, there was an audience in attendance when he threw the phrase "when I run for president in 2024" out there, and they seemed to almost instinctively react as if he were joking.

Clearly, West wasn't happy with this very understandable response, shooting back to the crowd as seriously as possible, "What y'all laughing at?" The crowd laughed even harder this time, seemingly still believing they were all in on a bit together. After the laughter stopped, West took an unbearably long pause that may only be three seconds but certainly feels like closer to 20.

West has been talking about his alleged 2024 run for quite some time now, having previously claimed he'd be running in 2020, only to kick that can further down the road, simply tweeting in April 2018, "2024." In a recent interview, the same one in which West declared himself "unquestionably, undoubtedly the greatest human artist of all time," he flatly stated as an objective fact that "there will be a time where I will be president." Just a heads up, then: if you're ever in a room with West when he says that, try not to laugh. Things might get awkward. Brendan Morrow