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Seth Meyers says Democrats are letting Trump off way too easy: 'It's not even hard to find the crimes with this guy'

House Democrats unveiled two articles of impeachment against President Trump on Tuesday — abuse of power and obstruction of Congress — and as Seth Meyers sees it, that's letting Trump off easy.

"Remember, the guy also obstructed justice in the Mueller probe, violated the Constitution by enriching himself, inflicted human rights abuses on migrant children, and directed an illegal scheme to pay hush money to cover up an affair," Meyers said on Tuesday's Late Night. "It's not even hard to find the crimes with this guy. It's like a Where's Waldo? where Waldo is right in the middle of the map with a giant bag of cash in one hand and giving you the finger with the other one."

Republicans aren't rebutting any of the evidence brought forward by Democrats, Meyers said, and that's because "all Trump and his allies have left is one thing: lying about the investigations and claiming there's some sort of treasonous, deep state witch hunt to overthrow him." Meyers ran clips showing several Republicans trying to defend Trump while casting a shadow on Democrats, including one White House spokesman declaring that the impeachment doesn't "do anything to put food on the tables of the American people."

"Oh, now you're worried about putting food on people's tables," an incredulous Meyers said. "Last week you guys kicked 700,000 people off food stamps by imposing awful new work requirements. Think about how cruel that is. Work requirements from a guy who never works." This is the "kind of cruelty Republicans have committed themselves to defending, and they're fine with doing it," Meyers continued. "Today, Democrats at least put down a marker and said there will he consequences for Trump's behavior." Watch the video below. Catherine Garcia

Editor's note: This article previously misstated the articles of impeachment leveled against President Trump. It has since been updated.