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2020 Democratic Race

Bernie Sanders lands Public Enemy, Dick Van Dyke, and Sarah Silverman for pre-Super Tuesday rally

Two days before California joins 13 other states to parcel out a huge number of delegates in the Democratic presidential race, Sen. Bernie Sanders will appear in Los Angeles with Public Enemy Radio, plus comedian Sarah Silverman and TV legend Dick Van Dyke, the Sanders campaign announced Wednesday night. They even made a poster for the March 1 rally.

Sanders already hosted The Strokes at a rally in New Hampshire, and adding Public Enemy, Silverman, and Van Dyke plants cultural flags in every decade back to the 1960s. Sanders doesn't have a corner on the market: TLC performed at a Tom Steyer rally, John Mellencamp cut an ad for Mike Bloomberg, and John Legend stumped for Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Wednesday night in Charleston, South Carolina.

Democratic primary voters should pick their candidate based on the issues and all that, but Chuck D is a good get and that's a great poster for Sanders.